Crappy to Happy

Randy Peyser Bio

Randy PeyserAt forty, author Randy Peyser went splat on the pavement of life. Her long time dream job disappeared and her significant other decided to become "insignificant". With nothing more than a dwindling bank account and a rusty old car with more holes than a golf course, Randy changed the course of her life and learned what it takes to be happy. Not only did Randy find what it takes to be happy, but she guarantees that you can find happiness, too (or your crappy life back)!

Randy is the owner of Author One Stop, a publishing consulting firm that edits books and helps people find literary agents and publishers. Her other books and information products include: The Power of Miracle Thinking, The Write-a-Book Program, The Internet Publicity Directory, and The Mind, Body, Spirit Speaker's Guide.

Randy is featured in: Visionary Women Inspiring the World, Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters, Dojo Wisdom for Writers, and Book Marketing from A-Z. Her work appears in Healing the Heart of the World (IPPY Award Winner), and The Marriage of Sex and Spirit (National Book Award).

Randy Peyser is also the creator of "Comic Intervention for Closet Visionaries and Almost-Manifesters: A One-Woman Show EXCEPT for the Other People."

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