Crappy to Happy

Excerpts from Crappy to Happy

Here are some ideas of the kind of things that will help you within the pages of Crappy to Happy.
  • When crisis calls, don't accept the charges!

  • Give up the notion of having perfect hair or the perfect body. There are only five people on the planet at any given time who have perfect hair or the perfect body, and chances are, you and I are not one of them.
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  • Learn your PSP, your "parent saturation point," (and lovingly make your exit when you've reached it!)

  • There are no mistakes...only other opportunities to look really foolish! You may not ever do or say things perfectly. That doesn't mean there's an out-of-order sign on your head. We try to be perfect, but what we forget is, we are already perfectly ourselves.

  • Murphy's in cahoots with God. Situations which produce our greatest fears arise so we can free ourselves. Because wherever we hold fear, energy doesn't flow. That's why the one person who's afraid of fish bones, (me), winds up with the only piece of fish with tiny bones in it. And that's also why the only person who can't swim, (again, me), gets caught in a whirlpool and has to be pulled out by a pregnant life guard. Thanks loads, Murphy.

  • Sometimes when you think you've failed, you've actually graduated. If you've given it all you've got and things don't work out your way, you have not failed. There were reasons for the experience regardless of the end result. Perhaps you learned the lessons you were supposed to learn and this is the Universe's way of telling you, "Now it's time to move on; you've got a brand new degree to earn somewhere else."

  • Why do they call it a "dark night of the soul" when it's never one night? Shouldn't they be honest and call it a "dark year-and-a-half of the soul"?

There's so much more you'll discover within the pages of Crappy to Happy that you've just gotta get the book if you want to de-crappify your life. Yes, you can find happiness! I did it...and so can you!

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